German Brand Bratwurst made in Hawaii

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Paradise Brats were created in
September 2008 on a boat in the Ala Wai
Harbor, when two Germans were desperate
to get a taste of home, but could not find any
bratwurst close to what they remembered.
The history of the German bratwurst is
documented as early as 1313 in the
Franconian city of Nuremberg. Throughout
the centuries the fame of it spread out and
the recipes evolved. Today every region in
Germany has their own special variation
which is served grilled, boiled in beer, pan
fried, in a bread bun or with a side of potato
salad or sauerkraut.
After five years of experimenting to improve
her family recipe, Antje Grünewald is proud
to present the result of her long labor of love,
during which friends and family members
were essential as the critical taste testers.
They all gave her a cheerful approval.
“They all gave her a cheerful approval.
“The best compliment came from my two
nephews during a summer holiday visit in
August when both ate two each and loved
And just recently my best friend in
Germany told me she wished she could get a
good bratwurst like mine in Germany any
more, since all the small butcher shops
are closing and every supermarket carries the
same tasteless brands.”
One bite of my bratwurst will be all it takes to
show you the difference. The texture from the
traditional grind, flavor of secret family spices
and the light casing I use, makes the best
bratwurst one can purchase outside of
I established Paradise Brats LLC in 2013 in
order to market my bratwurst. And now with
the approval of the FDA as well, there is
nothing holding back Paradise Brats to delight
the palates of Hawaii and beyond with a
refined old world flavor.
The first restaurant offering Paradise Brats is
the Hawaii Yacht Club in Honolulu, where the
chef serves them as a special treat on
Friday nights fresh from the grill to the boating
Just as Pretzels, dumplings and German beer
made it across the ocean, Paradise Brats now
fills the quest for the missing link. Literally.
Ordering & Delivery:
You can place orders over the phone at
808 485 9465
Monday-Friday 9am-6pm

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